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Glass Mosaic Tile

Glass mosaic tiles are popular for their unmatched variety and visual appeal. Their non-porous attributes justifies their use in wet areas as in kitchen tiles, Basin are, Pillar in middle of room, Beside TV Cabinet, back side of Bed set wall, Welcome home area, bathroom flooring and pool tiles. They make an excellent choice for artistic mosaic floors and wall murals in living spaces. If you are undecided on whether you should go for glass mosaic tiles, Please visit @KHANS INTERIOR & WALLPAPER without hasitation. Visual appeal The visual properties of glass are responsible for giving glass mosaic tiles a charming luminous quality which draws the eye. Tiles are available in a broad palette of colours and easily acquired from our stores. They may also have effects like the integration of a metallic shimmer which makes them very appealing. Mirrored tiles are also available. The light reflective properties of glass and the possibility to regulate its transparency allow these tiles to be integrated with lighting for dramatic effect. Even by day, the tiles have a glow and add zest and cheer to the interior environment. Design flexibility Glass mosaic tiles easily impart a decorative look to any setting. They may be used in large expanses or even smaller stretches like frames and borders to create ornamental accents. One can be very creative and adventurous when using glass mosaic tiles. An interesting effect can be created by combining glass mosaic tiles with other materials like stone to contrast the textures and luminosity of the different materials. The small size of tiles allows greater flexibility and control in creating designs Durability and maintenance Glass is a stable non-porous material. This makes it resistant to staining and damage by chemicals or mould. They are therefore well-suited for places which can be damp and moist. Glass mosaic tiles have superior colour retention qualities. Unlike other materials of decorative value, glass tiles do not need much time to be invested in their maintenance. They only require a regular wiping down to remove any dust build up or superficial staining. One must ensure that a soft cloth is used for wiping and mild detergents may be used to remove any oil build-up. Eco-friendly Another advantage of glass mosaic tiles which is relevant to the environment at large is the reduced energy required for production. The energy consumption may be about half of that required for manufacturing ceramic tiles. A more eco-friendly version is the availability of recycled glass mosaic tiles. This is a great alternative for those with an environmentally conscious outlook.

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